Defence of Human Rights

the leadership in authority should' nt mistakely shift the date of the general election of 14th of febuary 2015 as it portraileds danger to the fulture of our democracy

what we mean is' if the election date of 14th February 2015 shifted' it will be a violation of the ordinary citizen of Nigeria' fundamental human rights' principle of the Geneva convention of 1948/1949 resolution;and it will also affect their consequential well being of their future democracy  of the ordinary citizen and serve as a violation of their social principle as Nigeria' and it will made them not to have faith in Nigeria democratic state  again 'and it will truncate the nascent democracy in Nigeria' as a result of their leaders in authority denied them the rights to excise their enfranchised to vote and elect their leaders through the ballot paper' of electioneering in electing their purposeful leadership' we are advocate for this date of election 'to be respect and maintained' and the people in authorities to restrained from making an inflammatory statement that can truncate the Nigeria nascent democratically; they should be guided by the rule of law not by the rule of a man.

And the leadership or the parties in authority should not use military as a tools and u pressing the ordinary Nigeria and  intimidate them from voting for the leaders they can trust and feel that can protect their social principles of their well being' and defend their fundamental human rights in a communities of society call Nigeria.