Defence of Human Rights


Jun 092018

Nigeria as a nations would have been better than what it is today, if every stakeholders in the polity had risen to their responsibility. Sadly, leadership engagements of many clearly indicate a self serving leadership whose interests are diametrically opposite to patriotic national aspirations. If the nation totters to a brink, it is because the critical voices have remained inertia and feigned indifference to happenings in the nation. The same applies to our religious leaders, either the imams or the pastors and Bishops.
The nations had been passing through series of challenges, bordering on insecurity, poverty, illiteracy and corruption. Much as the government of the day tries to address these challenges, such efforts are dampened by the actions or inactions of our religious leaders, who in some cases have become an accomplice in fostering more hardship on Nigerians.
Today, one of the basic and key issues that had contributed to undermine the nation’s collective aspirations to grow is the crass debasement of our moral and ethical values, which remain a key factor in helping to build the resilience of the society against the encroachment of the corruptions, greed and manipulations of the people, by these religious leaders. Because of these, every efforts and steps to move forward remain fruitless and daunting. Thus, much as the religious leaders remain a cog in the wheel of progress of the nation, their further engagements continue to pose a threat, bordering on security to our collective existence. Today, by the influence of our religious leaders, the quest for materialism had overridden the need for hard work and dignity of labor, leading to the fragility of the society and the debasement of the fabric of our family values.
Today, the motor convoy of our religious leaders, accompanied by stern-looking security agents, is longer and more expensive than many governors, yet, many of their innocent and gullible followers, defend their collective assaults on our sense of modesty and decency.
Religious leaders must be forthright and be the truest defender of the downtrodden and the oppressed in the society, and not the other way round. He, who must come to equity, must come with clean hands, the continuous criticism of ELECTED OFFICIALS and the government, by many of these religious leaders who put us in these problems in the first place is hypocritical and regrettable, and must be totally condemned, by every patriotic citizens.
Today, no one is an ardent of the proponent of hate speech as many of our religious leaders. No leaders make inciting statements as our religious leader, even at a trying time like now, almost akin to a war situation, this is rather unfortunate and uncalled for. Today, many of our religious leaders are politicians and a card carrying members of a political party, and as a result had been a beneficiary of the largesse of bribery and corruption by the militantly corrupt politicians. Religious leaders need to desist from being manipulated by unscrupulous politicians, to forment trouble and disunity for selfish gains. None of the holy book preaches intolerance and shedding innocent blood. Despite the massive proliferation of house of worship in the nation, almost competing against residential buildings, crimes such as corruption, human trafficking, ritual killings, fraud, greed, kidnapping and rape is still on the upswing. We remain very religious yet ungodly, because, the religious leaders have failed the society.
We must resist the manipulative antics of the so called religious leaders. We must not continue to fall to their political manipulations under the influence of one politician or the other. We must prevail on the to be gainfully engage in farming or other business ventures that will not limit their ability to minister, yet enable them to work to provide sustenance for their family, ensuring the dignity of labor in the process. For as many of them, that had contributed to undermine our moral integrity, the lack authority to accuse elected government officials of corruption as they have fallen below their standard of integrity and therefore lack basis to attack or criticize leaders irrespective of their religious affiliations. They must rise up to reject and condemned those who steal government money and give them to build a place of worship. They must make restitution, by returning all the money they collected from politicians as prayers money. How much is their conscience pricked, when they see those who gave them money in the past being hounded into prisons or the EFCC detention camps?.
It is time for the religious leaders to go into manufacturing, so as to contributes, meaningfully to the dwindling economy. If the moral fiber of the nation must be strengthened, then our religious leader need to do a lot of soul-searching, asking themselves, the pertinent questions of where they got it wrong, that led the nation to the present sad level of moral decadence, until this is done, the nation will remain a laughing stock in the committee of other nation.



Jun 092018



Few days ago, Nigeria's President, Muhammadu Buhari announced that Democracy Day will henceforth be celebrated on June 12 of each year.
The President said after due consultations, the Federal Government decided that henceforth, June 12 would be celebrated as Democracy Day. In demonstration of its deep and good gestures, the government went further to award posthumously the highest honor of the land, GCFR, to late Chief MKO Abiola, the presumed winner of the June 12th, 1993 cancelled elections.
His running mate as Vice President, Ambassador Babagana Kingibe, was invested with a GCON. Furthermore, the tireless fighter for human rights and the actualization of the June 12th elections and indeed for democracy in general, the late Chief Gani Fawehinmi, SAN, was awarded posthumously a GCON.
For 18 years, Nigerians had been celebrating May 29 as Democracy Day, by this solemn decision; the date will be changed to June 12, yearly.
June 12th, 1993 was the day when Nigerians in millions in their bid to choose a new president, expressed their democratic will in what was undisputedly the freest, fairest and most peaceful elections since our independence.
It was the first since the 1983 military coup. The result was a victory for Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola of the Social Democratic Party, who defeated Bashir Tofa of the National Republican Convention.
On the Election Day, Abiola waited patiently under the sun to vote. Unknown to him, the powerful forces within and outside the military who were not comfortable with the idea of him becoming President would annul the election. The exercise was peaceful nationwide without any hitches or disturbances. While the vote count was on, with Abiola comfortably leading, the self-styled military President, General Ibrahim Babangida, struck. He ordered the electoral body — National Electoral Commission (NEC) — to stop further announcement of the results and on June 23, 1993, he annulled the election.
This announcement was followed by spontaneous protests, mostly in the Southwest. To justify the annulment, Babangida in a nationwide broadcast claimed “there were allegations of irregularities and other acts of bad conduct leveled against the presidential candidates. But, the Prof. Humphrey Nwosu-led NEC went ahead to clear them.
However, the elections were later annulled by military ruler Ibrahim Babangida, leading to a crisis that ended with Sani Abacha leading a coup later in the year.
Many Nigerian protesters were killed, maimed or incarcerated. With the annulment, several Nigerians rose up in unison to condemn the acts and to protest against it. The protest rituals thus became annual events.
One of the prominent voice against the injustices of the June 12 is Chief Gani Fawehinmi, through the instrument of legal activism,he stood up for his conviction by tirelessly offering the public ideas to solve socio-economic and political problems, one of which was the knotty issue of June 12. He isn’t only spoke out loudly against injustice and, he also acted in the courtrooms and on the streets.
Gani Fawehinmi fought tirelessly for June 12 mandate revalidation and the restoration of MKO mandate, before he died in the course of the struggle, yet the hope and dream was forlorn, until the recent declaration by president Muahhamadu Buhari..
Fawehinmi devoted his life to the advancement of human progress; For daring to challenge the corrupt establishment he was severally arrested and detained him without trial for several months. Instead of cowing him into submission the brutal experience strengthened him as Gani resolved to wage a decisive battle against injustice in all its ramifications.
Gani’s unrelenting courage and unwavering doggedness, his sheer audacity and perseverance, his deep reverence for the rule of just law and passion for nonviolent revolution placed him in the class of heroes for humanity, of which he is.
The greatest contribution Gani made to legal development in Nigeria was the promotion of public interest litigation. Apart from representing the poor and the underprivileged, he challenged executive lawlessness and subversion of the rule of law. Gani’s contribution to the political emancipation of the masses and the entrenchment of democratic freedom in the country goes beyond the ordinary. June 12 democracy day declaration is no doubt a demonstration of uncommon courage by the Buhari's administration. By this declaration, President Muhammadu Buhari has put an end to the hypocrisy of former President Olusegun Obasanjo,Ibrahim Babangida. What a good news for democracy and a our collective sense of justice. What a big relief to the children and other family members of the late Abiola and all patriotic Nigerians. It is no doubt a clear demonstration that the sacrifice of patriotic Nigerians and the labors of our heroes past shall never be in vain again as well as a renewed hope to comrades who have been at the forefront of the June 12 struggle. A deep healing of past injustices has begun under President Muhammadu Buhari's leadership. We need further reconciliations in all cases of violations of human rights of citizens. We call on president Muhammadu Buhari in the spirit of justice and equity to citizenship disparity the country to further demonstrate his statesmanship, to compensate our democratic heroes, as many that can be identified, to Name The National Assembly Complex After Abiola, to implement some of MKO Abiola's proposed policies and to strip all manner of undeserving past national awardees dead or alive off their awards so that these new entrants can be in good company.







Sep 272017




Keeping mute or staying indifference in the face of the uninspiring leadership of any government amounts to demeaning complicity. Keeping mute in the face of the life – threatening misery and anguish that had been foisted on average Nigerians amounts to betrayal of posterity and the very essence of humanity. It is thus reasonable and understandable why we find it imperative to lend our voices of concerns & reasons against the increasing hopelessness in the nation as well as the slide into maladministration.
The utmost desire and aspiration of Nigerians is to see that their beloved country grows and develop in leaps and bounds. Regrettably, this desire is hampered by series of challenges; one of which is the issue of citizen-settler syndrome. Today, one of the most disturbing trends in the polity today is the issue of indigene-settler syndrome, a sad situation where places of origin are designed to give strategic advantage to those who wield this weapon of mischief. BY Nigerians politicians that use citizen –settlers as ATM for electorate victory in Nigeria.
If Nigeria is to achieve the so much desirous integration, it must properly deemphasize the issue of indigene/citizen-settler state of origins syndromes. in Nigeria.
The term “citizen” typically refers to any person who owes allegiance to a sovereign state and there by receives certain afforded legal status and certain rights. No connection to the area or land is required and those born outside of the country can often apply to become citizen.
The word “Indigene” has no place in the nation’s constitutions. There is no explicit or implicit definition of indigene. The word ‘indigene ‘use to qualify a citizen of Nigeria whose tribes is “native” to a given territory, cannot be referred to as an “Indigene” as widely abused and distorted in Nigerians to segregate and discriminate the other Nigerians living in state or local Government where their lives are not “Indigenous” to that given area.
In a sense, an “indigene” is only an “older settler” of a particular sociocultural space, while a “settler” is a more recent occupier of the same space.
The word “settler” referred to a citizen whose tribe is regarded as alien to a particular state or local government and for which no matter how long the people or their protégé have lived there in, cannot be regarded as indigene to a particular state or local government.

Today, Nigeria is one of the few nations that had series of controversies regarding citizenship status. Local and state government within a nation requires a person to be indigenous to a particular area before he can run for office in that locality, leading to a series of division. The issues of citizen -settlers have been on in Nigeria, exacerbated by struggle for limited space, couple with nepotism, favourism, tribalism, and selfishness. Corruption,

The British colonialism in northern Nigeria through its infamous indirect rule system, merely consolidated and systematized approach of the Minority was further enhanced by feudalism.

As long as the struggle for resources of the nation continues, the issue will continue to be engage for the advantage of those who wield it, regrettably this is a recourse to primordial and senseless perpetuation of rent-seeking behavior that retards nation progress.

The syndrome competes in diametrical opposition to our constitutional right as Nigerians and remains a big cankerworm that not only denies our institution high caliber leaders, but also militates against the collective development arising from individual competitiveness in the polity.

There are series of cases of abuse of citizen-settler that had undermined degree of patriotism in Nigerians. This issues affected late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe 1957 when the population of Nigeria Is [42, 656 million] in political participation in the predominantly Yoruba south west, that is the beginning of division as settlers and indigenes syndrome among Nigeria. The citizen indigenes issue led to unexpected controversies that trailed the nomination of Mr. Olusegun Aganga, the former minister of Finance as a Ministerial nominee to represent Lagos state in the federal executive council (before his eventual confirmation on July 6th by the senate).
While that was done, issues of marginalization of Lagos state in the ministerial portfolio was raised by Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila(ACN), Lagos state who kicked against the nomination of Aganga because he reportedly hailed from Ora in Owan West Local Government Area of Edo state, while he is married to Abiodun Awobokun, a Yoruba woman.
Fred Agbaje, a constitutional lawyer also described his nomination as marginalization of Lagos and advised him to “simply step down and allow the people to choose a representative of their choice”

During the 2007/2008 gubernatorial election in Lagos state, some elements rose up against the candidature of Senator Tokunbo Afikuyomi, saying that he was not a Lagosian, the matter was not resolved until the election was concluded.
The 1999 Nigeria constitution which is the exact ground norm of the land contains various aspects with regards to citizenship.acquisition of Nigerian citizenship, Namely through birth, by registration and by naturalization.
By whatever way the Nigerian citizenship is acquired, once declared a Nigerian person, a person automatically enjoys constitutional rights guaranteed by the constitution. Why then must we continue to refer to the discriminatory tendencies of the citizen -settler syndrome?
The issue of citizen-settler has generated too much bad blood in the nation’s political history thereby undermining the oneness and development of the nation. In the nations economy and infrastructural development, such an issue has prevented the emergence of the best brain to help solve our economic challenges, giving room to mediocrity. The abuse of the word “indigenes” has led to conflict and crisis as seen in Jos pogrom of 2001, 2004, 2009, Bauchi in 2009, 2007, 1999, Kano in 1981/1991, 2001 and Zango Kataf in 1991, in Ife Modekeke in 2001, in Aguleri- Umuleri in 2002 and in Kuteb/Jukun and Tiv conflict of 2001/2002.quit notice given by arewa youth to igbo residence in the northern region /hausa by ijaw youth at south south

This said manipulations must not be allowed to continue; for instance, Olusegun Aganga who was born and has stayed for over 40years in Lagos cannot be said to be a settler again, if not for mischief and self-preservation.
If this is allowed to persist, then our desire for peaceful coexistence will be truncated.

The 1999 constitution of Nigeria provides, inter alia, in 42(11), a citizen of Nigeria of a particular communities, ethnic group, place of origin, sex, religion or political opinion shall not be by reason only that he or she or practical application of any law in Nigeria over any executive or administrative action of the government, to restriction to which citizen of Nigeria or other communities, ethnic groups, place of origin, sex, religion or political opinion are made subject.
This is sad, particularly when viewed against the background of decline in critical sector of the nation’s economy vis – a – vis, security, power, economy and rule of law.
As the nation marks her independence anniversary, our hearts are heavy but the obvious failure of leadership at all level of governance in Nigeria. When other nations of the world celebrates giant landmark they had been able to achieve in previous year, we continue to celebrate mediocrity.
Amidst rising insecurity is total gloom of epileptic power supply and national darkness rising cost of living and blatant violation of human rights and impunity – this must not be allowed to continue again.
Under Babtunde Fashola leadership of the power sector has become equivalent to publics heath centre where emergency ward section has no drug for treatments of patient’ total national blackout remains a constant but sad failure of our reality and living.
In the face of non availability of prepaid meters today, many Nigerians groan under the crushing burdens of estimated billing or over billing-in the face of non availability of prepaid meters- by the operators in a circle of corporate inefficiency and laxity in handling the perennial power problems in the nation.
Although, the sustainable electricity supply in Nigeria has been very elusive due to ominous reasons that are not exclusive to Nigeria, but the way and manner the present Minister for Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola has so far clearly shows underperformance.

The nation’s economy is no doubt under siege, particularly, under the present governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria. The economic indicators pointed to the fact. In the first quarter of 2017the nations GDP contracted by 0.52% according to statistics from the national bureau of statistics as released on May 23, 2017.
What it clearly translates for many Nigerian is the high economic hardship that its snuffing life out of ordinary Nigerians, occasioned by high inflation, high cost of food prices in the market, depreciation of the values of the naira and high cost of living.
Under the central bank governors inconsistent economic policies, the manufacturing and services businesses struggled with many shutting down as they were unable and find it difficult to access the regular and cushioning streams of foreign exchange needed for operation.
It is clear the Godwin Emefiele has failed in his job as his policies are not only killing industries but also the patriotic efforts to diversify the economy. He has proven to be clueless and lack the grasp and confidence needed to challenge the meddling in the affairs of the apex bank as his predecessors.
Under his leadership, the CBN supervises illegal recruitment of children of influential Nigerian POLITICIANS without recourse to due process while thousand of qualify able graduate Nigerians of both the old and new generation banks are been sack with their deceit of cooperate inefficiency consultant to recruit inexperience as incompetent that will accommodate their
Nigerians. Under his inconsistent policies, the operators of bureau de change were banned from accessing foreign exchange and stop the banks from selling forex to even students ,essential commodities and open forex for highly place exposed corrupt persons of politicians for medical missions abroad, thereby making naira to lose value. He fixes currency exchange rates without considering the market forces. This inconsistent policies have caused untold hardship on ordinary citizen of Nigeria, we need competent hand to run the CBN,to address the abysmal economic failure in the nation and to help stabilize the rule of law.

The observance to the rule of law remains the robust catalyst to drive the nation fight against in security, corruption, nepotism and promote economic stability in the polity. Sadly under the present dispensation, the rising culture of impunity is celebrated as well as disobedience of court order. This no doubt is a threat to the judiciary as it continues to threaten it independence. Several high profile cases of criminal charges withdraw and some in which court has ruled that the federal government release the subject had been glaringly disobeyed, yet the attorney general has not been able to stamp his influence and compelled the federal government to respect the rule of law.
The position of attorney general and minister justice is too important to be subjected to partisan politics or citizen-settler syndromes and indigene as non indigene tribal sentiment, regrettably under the present minister of justice and attorney general, Abubakar Malami, SAN, the chief law officer of the federation, we have seen a tend towards primordial cleavages.
Instead of him to abide by the oath of his office and stop pandering to the whim and caprices of a section of the country to the detriment of national security interest. The position is too prestigious to delegate to charge and bail attorney general or to project into low level of incompetence. Of’’ CJN’ judgments before trials’ It must continue to truly serve as a liaison between government and the legislatures; to pander on sectional interest is to continue to lose the confidence of the generality of Nigerians in the nation’s judiciary. It must not promote any ethnic or tribal agenda, else the stability of the nation will be further compromised and negatively impact on the ability of government to fulfill its electoral promises within the remaining time it issue of citizen –settler in our nation. We call on all other NGO’S organization of patriotic activist and prominent Nigerians to joining us’ in campaign, and championing for an equitable citizenship bill for adoption into our constitution where every Nigerians will be equal.

President [IAADHR] international association for advancement and defense of human rights.



Oct 202016

The ECOWAS Community Court of Justice, Aka, ECOWAS Court, had few days ago in a judgment, ordered the Federal Government of Nigeria to immediately release the erstwhile National Security detention and asked that the Federal Government paid him the sum of #15 million damages. The court arrived at the verdict, after observing the way and manner of arrest and detention of Col. Dasuki.
Dasuki was the former NSA to former President Goodluck Jonathan. He had been in detention since November 3, 2015 when he was arrested by security operatives over his alleged complicity in $2.1 billion arms procurement fraud.
Nigeria had been faced with the issues of insecurity for over two decades. Such issues were further pronounced with the acts and damages of the Boko Haram insurgency that has resulted in the destruction of properties and lives of many Nigerians.
To kill innocent Nigerians by terrorist is a gross violation of the fundamental human right of such Nigerians.
It is this spirit that makes the arms procurement funds an act of government geared towards the defense of the human rights of the citizen.
By the massive stealing, fraud and misappropriation that trailed all the revelations of the probe panels, it is clear that Dasuki and others so far implicated in the arm procurement fraud stole Nigerian money and thus allowed innocent and patriotic soldiers to die in the battle front while confronting the well armed Boko Haram with outdated and Primitive armory, when in the first instance Dasuki Hasn’t used all legal system by standard in Nigeria before applied to ecowas courts as international courts and its show dasuki desperate in manipulating the Nigeria legal system for impunity AND such could have charged to ICC.
Thus, these infractions and the Government determination to fight corruption prompted the arrest, detention and trial of Col. Sambo Dasuki.
Though, the ex NSA eventually secured bail from three separate courts, he was dragged by the Economic and Financial Crime commission, EFCC, he was on December 29, rearrested by operatives of the Department of State Service, DSS, after he was released from Kuje Prison, Abuja having perfected all the bail condition.
Dissatisfied with the treatment meted out to him by the Government, Dasuki through his team of lawyers filed a Fundamental Rights Enforcement suit before the ECOWAS Court in Abuja, hence the recent outcome of the judgment of the court.
The outcome of the judicial pronouncement is the motivation of the response and the call for Nigeria Government to regard and enforce the Nation’s constitution pronouncement in the case before Nigeria
Nigeria had been a very strong and active member of the ECOWAS, giving it supports is much needed, especially in the economic, political and security front. The manner in which the chief justice of Nigeria handled the legal issues arising from the case no doubt provided lacuna that gave Dasuki a legal advantage before the court, this certainly ought not to be so...
While the clamor the Government to obey and comply with the judgment is on and the need to release Sambo Dasuki, it is very important for the Government to carefully study the content of the ruling before acting on it vis-à-vis the accused acts of corruption that contributed to violates Nigerian’s rights to freedom of liberty and life. It is a fact that Nigeria is a signatory to the protocol and thus important to comply with it, but in the present situation, many who approach the ECOWAS Court for protection of their fundamental rights were never guilty of depriving others of their rights to life and freedom of liberty.
No doubt, Nigeria is a society guided by laws, reason and civilization, yet it must not subsume the provision of its constitution to any international laws in a matter so relevant to and may undermine the National Security.
The major issues facing the members of the Regions Parliament is the problem of finance and terrorism, hindering and impeding their match toward economic integration.
Nigeria is one of the major contributor and supporter of ECOWAS, since inception, yet despite all these support, the country have not really benefitted from the body, only to pass judgment that will further undermine the National security of Nigeria.
If the sad case of the massive insurgence caused by Boko Haram is allowed to persist till this day, there may certainly not be a body like ECOWAS to preside on a war torn or disintegrated Nigeria.
The judgment is thus baseless and not in tandem with National aspiration or the spirit of the constitution of the nation. It is critical that we respect our institutions, it is a fundamental part of democracy, but we must also be cautious to balance national interest, with a doctrine of necessity as in the present case.
Sambo Dasuki dragging Nigeria to ECOWAS Court is to defend his fundamental human rights and to test the mighty and compliance of the nation’s constitution to International protocols.
It is a sad reality that for over Several months now, some Nigerian Soldiers, who deserted the battle front against well armed Boko Haram insurgents are still languishing in jail for resorting to self help in view of the massive and untenable violation of their rights to life by the allegation of misappropriation of the money meant procure arms to defend their Nation, homes and their lives- no crime against humanity is as grievous as what the Ex NSA has done.
We therefore call on the Nigerian Government to continue to fight corruption against Col. Sambo Dasuki to logical end- his continuous detention is in the best interest of the Nation- that is the only way to prevent obstruction of justice and to guarantee him fair hearing and personal safety.
We cannot continue to tolerate impunity of a citizen against another and the intimidation of foreign organization against National interest of Nigerians.
Col. Sambo Dasuki certainly has no legal or moral justification to drag Nigerian Government before ECOWAS Court without first addressing the Lapses he had inflicted on National Security which no International Court can ever assuage.
We condemned a self preservation initiative of Sambo Dasuki to place him above the demand for probity and investigations of allegations of massive corruption while in office as NSA; this can only be interpreted as hiding under the immunity of international laws and protocol to evade the long arm of the law. To also accede to his request by the ECOWAS Court is an indirect way of giving a tacit support to the massive pogrom of the Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria in a contradiction to the goal of protecting human rights and dignity by the ECOWAS Court.
the way and manner the Chief Justice had handle the cases before his office, particularly the recent ECOWAS rulings Dasukis case, where he was served motion on notice, clearly demonstrate his incompetence and subsequent embarrassment to the government and people of Nigeria. It is thus obvious that the Chief Justice of the Federation had outlived his usefulness and competence and should be shown the way out of office to avoid or prevent further embarrassments to the government.


profesor atahiru jega and his appointes has truncate the nigeria democracy by shift the election date of febuary 14 /02/2015 of which has violate the peoples of nigerians fundamental human rights 'under the geneva convention of 1949

Feb 112015

What we mean is for the fact that its enshrine in our constitution as amended that its only the I.N.E.C that has the authority to shift or postponed the election in Nigeria' of which the rule of law  has become the rule of a man' while the I.N.E.C.has been guided by his appointees to be the I.N.E.C chairman some years ago' of which he succumb to his master pressured and the master affiliate agency's by  accept to postponed the Nigerians election for another six weeks' of which its not acceptable to us as an organization[ I.A.A.D.H.R ]INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR ADVANCEMENT DEFENSE OF HUMAN RIGHTS,and we strongly oppose it' and we are saying its a violate of the Nigerians peoples of their fundamental human rights' under the Geneva convention of 1949 as its provided that every human being shall have the rights and the freedom to ballot paper and vote and elect their leaders by way of conduct an  election in a stipulated date' of irrespective of their color and their religions or of any ethnic background of which jega and his appointees has truncate the Nigerians democracy by shift the feb-14-2015.and we are demanding the international society of develop nation of countries' EU and AMERICA to treat this shift of Nigeria election date' as abuse of power by president Jonathan and also to be seeing as a terrorist act because it has inflict hardship of security implication on Nigerian' of which can also cause anarchy into Nigeria society 'and if the international community failed to put sanction on Nigeria leaders before it turn into another LIBERIA ,REPUBLIC OF CONGO,REPUBLIC MOROCCO,EGYPT,Egalitarian.e.t.c.while we are advocate for fundamental dialogue as bilateral  in resolute the internal and external conflicts of all the region of countries' where the conflicts exist today' in all that will reduce the word refuges and the word disable and made the world to be safe and stop the use of forces in resolution of which has cause the people around the world to lose their love ones as a result of uses of forces of high tech of weapon from EU and America                  

The use of arms military and police forces it will be repricive and will easily troncate the democracy in nigeria

Jun 222014

What we mean is for example the newly concluded election in Ekiti state of south west and the one sometime held in Anambra state in eastern part of Nigeria where the whole Nigeria military and police forces are posted to the state to scared the ordinary Nigeria from excise their rights to vote in electing there leaders,WHY? because the composition and the application of using arms military and police during the conduct of election is a violate and abuse of human rights under the humanitarian law,And it connote that the AIR DRONES SEND BY AMERIcA ARE NOT only TO ASSIST THE KIDNAPPING GIRLS AT CHIBOK ITS brought in to used and suppressed the opposition of the contestant against the impressive government of Jonathan in 2015,this are the thing that can formulate insecurity and synergy and transform into insurgency and made the western world and America of wasting the peoples tax payers money and also create the lose of life and properties and denied the people of electing a purposeful leadership in their region of communities and society regionally.

America warfares in iraqi and sending troops and failing to accept the iran offer of suport in fighting extremist

Jun 182014

The America warfare's in Iraqi, and around the globe of the world,where they are participating directly or indirectly should be review and re-formulate of another direction in fighting the extremist of terrorism,Where we against the sending of 200 troop to Iraqi of u.s embassy in Iraqi.as it will not reduced the tension rather it will increased the lose of life and properties as tension in the region and inflate the crisis and increased the spread to other region and increased the continue waste of the tax payers in fighting extremist of terrorism,AND WE ARE STILL AN ADVOCATE OF DIALOGUE ON ALL ISSUES THAT MATTERS TO THE PEOPLES, THAT WILL BE FUNDAMENTALLY IDEALS FOR THE PEOPLES,THAT WOULD EXCLUDE THE BAD TOOLS  OF AGGRESSIVE POLITICIANS,IN THE FORMULATION OF THE DIALOGUE

And its our time that America and their allies to accept the neighboring country's to made their own contribution in resolving there long time of warfare's in the region and refusing the Republic of Iran participation in the regional conflicts, in formulating a resolution to the regional dispute of conflicts, it will be counter productive and increased the failure in the western and America war in the region,